February 24 to March 5

Subject to Change for Weather

  Date Time Event Where Chair
  02/22 Wednesday 11:00:00 AM to 4:00 PM Let's Get This Party Started Poker Run Various Locations Bill on Providence
  02/24 Friday 10:00 AM to NOON Registration Chat N Chill  
  02/24 Friday 10:00 AM to NOON Sand Castle Competition Chat N Chill Cindy Copper Penny
  02/24 Friday 13:00 PM to 15:00 PM Treasures from the Bilge Chat N Chill George Copper Penny
  02/24 Friday 16:30 PM Cruiser's Welcome BLU EYC Samatha & Ty
  02/25 Saturday 12:00 PM Variety Show Regatta Park GT Jillian Spruyt
  02/26 Sunday 11:00 AM Skipper's Meeting for Big Boat Racing Chat N Chill Glenn on Windara
  02/26 Sunday 13:30 PM Staging Party and Walk for the Cure BLU EYC Paula LaPlant
  02/26 Sunday 15:30 PM Softball Game Softball Park Vincel Balfour & Gary on Tamaki
  02/27 Monday 9:30 AM Coconut Challenge Fruit Bowl Joe on Options
  02/27 Monday 12:30 PM Small Boat Races Chat N Chill Steve Magic Daulphin Plus Help
  02/28 Tuesday 9:30 AM Big Boat Race In Harbor Glenn on Windara
  02/28 Tuesday 15:30 PM Post Race Party Two Turtles Jillian Spruyt & Spencer
  03/01 Wednesday 9:00 AM Regulation Volleyball Chat N Chill  
  03/01 Wednesday 13:30 PM Bocce Ball Chat N Chill Dan on Borrowed Horse
  03/01 Wednesday 17:00 PM Cocktail Party & Costume Contest Chat N Chill KB & Robin on Endangered Species
  03/02 Thursday 10:00 AM Big Boat Race Around the Island Glenn on Windara
  03/02 Thursday 15:30 PM Post Race Party Peace N Plenty Magnolia Morley
  03/03 Friday 9:30 AM Beach Golf Monument Area Frank & Rose Local Knowledge
  03/03 Friday 12:00 PM Scavenger Hunt Chat N Chill Cindy on Copper Penny
  03/04 Friday 10:00 AM Alternate Date for Big Boat Racing   Glenn on Windara
  03/04 Saturday 9:30 AM Fun Volleyball Chat N Chill Bob on Cignet
  03/04 Saturday 14:00 PM Exuma Sailing Club & Cruisers Play Day In Harbor Reg Smith Plus Help
  03/05 Sunday 13:00 PM to 15:00 PM Closing Ceremony Lumina Point George Copper Penny will DJ
  03/06 Monday   Long Island Rally starts at next weather window   Kathy on Five & Dime Plus Help