Information Station with Karen & Jeffrey Siegel, Founders of ActiveCaptain

Karen & Jeff will share their skills on the topic of Medical Emergencies for Cruisers.

This is their favorite talk. "Karen & I were EMT's for 20 years in a coastal town where we went on emergency calls on boats all the time. I became Advanced Life Support for the town and Karen was a CPR instructor. We've been involved with every type of emergency medical that exists. The talk isn't about how to splint or what the pulmonary artery does. It's all very practical - what are the first 3 things you need to do in an emergency. How do you prepare to get help on your boat. ... It has saved people's lives - about once every couple of months, someone writes us to tell us."

Later in the week, Jeff answers the inevitable question - "There An App For That?"

What are the apps that you should know about, but don't. This is a favorite at boating rendezvous. It is very current and shows a set of apps that truly assist the time you spend on your boat. Most cost nothing. A few costs a few dollars. Time well spent.

Bring your notebook and sharpen your pencils. This information will be worth keeping.