2017 Notice of Race with Exhibits

37th Annual George Town Cruising Regatta


In Harbor Race - Tuesday, February 28, 2017 1st Warning Gun 10:50

Around Stocking Island Race – Thursday, March 2, 2017 1st Warning Gun 09:50


  1. Rules  

The races will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.  The Regatta Organizing Committee is the George Town Cruising Regatta Committee.  


  1. Eligibility and Entry   

Open to all sailing vessels of at least 21 feet in length, both monohull and multihull, which file an official entry form & pay registration fee of $15 per boat per race or $25 for both races if entry is received by 2/20/17.  Entries should be received by 2/26/17.  Return entry forms and entry fees to S/V WINDARA/Glenn Gustafson anchored off Monument beach.


  1. Schedule

3.1Early Registration and Entry Feb. 7 to Feb. 23, 2017. Entry Forms are on the Regatta Notice Board by Volleyball Courts.

3.2Last Day for Discounted Entry Fee is February 20, 2017

3.3Registration 10:00 AM Friday February 24th at Chat n Chill on Volleyball Beach

3.4Skippers Meeting 11:00 AM Sunday February 26, 2017 at Volleyball Beach.  

3.5In Harbor Race:  Tuesday February 28, 2017 first warning gun:  10:50.

3.6Around Stocking Island Race:  Thursday, March 2, 2017.  First warning gun 09:50

3.7Make up race day for either In Harbor or Around Stocking Island Race (if needed) Sat. 3/4/2017, First Warning 09:50

3.8Each Race will be followed by an Awards Ceremony on the day of racing at 15:30.  In Harbor Race Party at Two Turtles and Around Stocking Island Race at Peace and Plenty.  Overall awards will be given out at the Closing Ceremony at Lumina Point on Sunday March 5, 2017 at 13:00.


  1. The Courses

The diagrams in attachments A and B describe the courses to be sailed and the location of the racing area for each race.


  1. Handicapping and Scoring

Boats will be scored using a modified PHRF handicap as determined by the Handicap Committee for monohull sailboats and a modified NEMA handicap for multihull sailboats on a time on distance basis.  Early entry is encouraged to allow sufficient time for the Handicapping Committee to give you the best rating.


  1. Classes and Divisions

Monohulls and Multihulls will race in separate divisions. Monohulls will be divided into up to three classes according to their assigned handicap ratings. Multihulls will race in a separate division, with up to three classes depending on number of entries.  Boats will be given a participation/class flag at the skipper’s meeting. The color of the flag will identify the boat’s class and start time and must be flown from the backstay or off the transom while racing.


  1. Sails Allowed

All headsails must be “hanked on” or roller furled onto a permanent forestay. No conventional spinnakers, drifters, mizzen staysails, code zeros, asymmetrical spinnakers or gennakers, screechers, reachers, or double down-wind flying headsails may be used while racing.  No reaching struts, spinnaker poles, whisker poles or any means of holding out sails may be used while racing.  Multihulls are allowed to use a Screecher or Code Zero provided they declare their intentions to use such a sail on their entry form.


Any size main, mizzen, primary staysail, or headsail may be used that were aboard your boat when you arrived in George Town.  You may only use one headsail during a race, i.e. whatever headsail you start with must be used for the entire race and cannot be changed to another sail (unless your initial sail is damaged during the course of the race).  Reefing your headsail by means of a roller furler or other method is permitted. Headsails may be lowered if they cannot be reefed if squall conditions are encountered, and rehoisted after the weather has passed.


  1. Equipment on Boats

Boats are to race with the equipment and sails with which they arrived in George Town. Offloading of equipment will be subject to disqualification. The only exception to this rule is that dinghies may be left with the boat’s primary anchor at its anchoring location along with any jerry cans, extra lines and fenders stored on deck that could impinge on the safety of crew during the race.


  1. Boat Numbers

Each boat will be assigned a race number.  Owners will be responsible to create and affix the number to the forward 1/4 of the hull of the boat on both port and starboard. Place numbers as high and as far forward as possible. Use a contrasting color to hull color. Blue painters masking tape or electrical or rigging tape work well. Numbers must be a minimum of 1” wide and should be 12” to 15” in height to enable race committee to easily identify your boat.


(Recommendation if using plastic tape:  Cut to length; dip tape in water/soap solution before applying, then apply. When finished, squeegee with a credit card and let dry. Tape can be left for up to one week and then removed fairly easily when finished with no residue.)


  1. Skipper’s Meeting

A skipper’s meeting will be held on Sunday, February 26 at 11:00 AM Volleyball Beach. This will be the ONLY skipper’s meeting and is for ALL races.  All skippers must attend or send a racing crewmember and turn in their completed boat/crew profile sheet to receive their race packets, which will contain their class flag, sailing instructions, and scratch sheet.


  1. Prizes and Awards/Party

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place within each class for each race.  Overall awards will also be presented to the top performing monohull and multihull.  An awards ceremony and post race party will be held after the In Harbor Race at 15:30 at Two Turtles and after the Around Island Race at 15:30 at Peace and Plenty.  


Further Information:  Contact Glenn Gustafson on WINDARA or Tom on Cox on TRIAD on vhf 68.